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Artisan Bios



Before coming to Green Creations, Alia lived in her brother’s house and worked as a babysitter there. She couldn’t find any other work because she didn’t finish high school and most jobs required at least a high school education.

Alia is an extremely talented jewelry maker. She has great artistic skills and it amazes us how quickly she puts things together. Because of her work at Green Creations, Alia and her sisters and her mother have been able to move into their own apartment (instead of living with her brother).



Because of Green Creations Amal is out of the house, she has met new people, made new friends (both local and foreign), and had the opportunity to see, hear and learn new things. Because of her job at Green Creations she feels like a stronger woman. Having a job gives her a reason to get up in the morning and she is able to do more to help her family.



Aysha's husband had cancer and she wanted to work to help her family. When she learned about Green Creations, she liked the idea of making things from newspapers and magazines. She even makes some baskets at home for her own use now.

In general, in this culture, women do not have many opportunities to get out of the house, to learn new things, or to interact with people outside of their own family circle. Coming to Green Creations has made Aysha's life happier and socially and emotionally healthier. When she has difficulties in her life, she knows she can come to work and share her burdens with her friends.



Before coming to Green Creations, Dalal would babysit and worked at a restaurant to make money. Both jobs were physically hard for her. Green Creations is physically easier for her to do and she only has to work mornings so she can be home to prepare the afternoon meal for her family.

Dalal would like prayers for her 13-year-old daughter who has physical and mental challenges. She is on a government list to have a surgery which will straighten her back and relieve her of some of the pain she experiences daily. Also, Dalal is feeling pressure because of her husband’s debts. Her husband was in prison because he wrote some false checks. He is out now but doesn’t have steady work. People are demanding money from the family.



Ferial was really scared the first day she started working, but now she loves being at work. She enjoys being at the Center and it makes her happy to know that her boss is happy with her. Working at the Center has helped her learn a little English. Being around foreigners has exposed her to an entirely different world than she has ever known before, and she is enjoying learning about differences and similarities between herself and foreigners.

Ferial feels sad when work is over and she has to go home. She wishes she could just be at the Center all the time! The Center is like a second home to her.



Before coming to Green Creations, Futna didn’t work, but she wanted to work so she could help her daughter. Futna said there really aren’t other good jobs for women in Aqaba. Green Creations is a good situation for a woman because they only work with other women and they only work mornings so they can be home to cook the afternoon meal and take care of their children.

Because of her work at Green Creations, Futna has learned many new things. Making jewelry, baskets and other decorations from recycled paper was a new and surprising idea to her, and she thinks it’s a really good idea. Futna loves the artistic part of her job. She is happy that she has a job where she can earn money making beautiful things.



Before working at Green Creations, Jawaher was at home all the time and felt very lonely. She had no one to talk to. She is happy to get out of the house and be with her friends at Green Creations. Now she goes to work and is able to provide some money for her children instead of sitting at home and worrying everyday.

When Jawaher began at Green Creations, she picked up the new skills from the training very quickly and that gave her a sense of pride. Even though she is an older woman, she has a job. Other people know that now and see that it is a good thing, not a shameful thing, for her to work outside the home. She is able to use the money she makes to help pay for her children’s school.



After coming to Green Creations, Jumana's life is better! She has had the opportunity to learn new things, including English, a bit about computers, and how to make jewelry. Through working and interacting with foreigners, she has learned about differences and similarities between herself and foreigners. She has many good friends at work and she says she is a stronger woman because of her position at Green Creations. Jumana isn’t just at home all the time, sad and worried about everything, but able to work and do something to better her situation.



Manal works on a bus with small children along with her job at Green Creations. Her husband doesn’t have a job and she says he doesn’t want one. It is a huge source of tension in their family.

Working at Green Creations has given her the opportunity to learn new things. She has gotten to know the other women and enjoys being with them. It gives her a reason to get up in the morning. With the money she earns from Green Creations she is able to pay for some of the basic household needs and also pay for her daughters to go to university. She is thankful that some of her girls are going to university.



Muna wanted to be able to change her life and not just be in the house all the time. Muna says she wanted to work at Green Creations so she could learn something new. Also, she has met many new people, both local and foreign. She likes being with the women at work and enjoys doing her job.

Muna loves her grandchildren and she has a lot of them! She loves it when they come running, give her hugs, and call her ‘Teytah’ (Grandma). Muna loves to see them every day.



Because of her job, Nesreen has met many new people, made new friends, and is able to get out of the house. She feels proud because she has learned a lot from working at Green Creations and she feels her ideas are respected here. Some of her ideas about how to improve how they do their work have been listened to, and even implemented, and that feels really good to her.



Before coming to Green Creations, Najaa didn’t have any work and spent her time memorizing the Qu’ran. Because of her job, she has learned new skills and been exposed to new ideas. Najaa enjoys learning to make beautiful things and she thinks making things from recycled paper is a great idea. Being at the Center has given her the opportunity to get to know some foreigners and learn about some of the differences between foreigners and local people.



Being at Green Creations has given Sukaina the opportunity to learn some English.  She has met many new women and become close friends with them. The other women she works with help each other in many ways and she really loves them. Sookayna has become a stronger person because of Green Creations. The money she earns helps her son and her daughter who are both at university right now. She is thankful that two of her children are at university!