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Core Ideology & Envisioned Future

A company's core ideology is made up of the timeliness principles through which all decisions are made.  A core ideology includes the core purpose and core values of the organization, both of which transcend individual leaders, markets, geographic locations, and time.  The following is the core ideology of Green Creations by which we strive to live and work:

Core Purpose

Green Creations' core purpose is to build creative, life-giving communities for women in need.

Core Values

  • Family: We care for, love, and trust each other as one family
  • Creativity: We empower each other to express and explore our inner creativity
  • Craftsmanship: We take pride in our work with the goal that customers desire and delight in our product
  • Development: We develop one another holistically
  • Environment: We value the beauty of our environment and are a voice encouraging stewardship

Green Creations is currently fuliflling our core purpose by operating a business that employs local women artisans to create jewelry and other accessories out of recyclable materials, but its core purpose can be fulfilled through a variety of ways in the future.  This then, takes us to our current mission statement, which guides our decisions for the near and mid-term future:

Mission Statement

To employ women in need who also face socioeconomic risk factors.

Finally, a business needs a tangible goal to work towards.  Otherwise, it becomes overwhelmed in its mission or becomes unmotivated because of a lack of focus.  At Green Creations, we have created an envisioned future that we are striving towards:

Imagine a network of communities throughout the world, where on any given day you could walk into any one of the Green Creations design studios and feel life happening:  laughter, conversation, love, and a feeling that these women are experiencing a new life in all of its fullness.  This is what we aim to achieve in 15 years:  a connected, global network of 16 design studios building creative, life-giving communities for women in need.

Our Envisioned Future is 15 in 15:  15 new communities in 15 years (by 2030).