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Najaa is a 50 years old Palestinian. She is married at with 8 children (3 boys, 5 girls), ages 19 to 33. She has 15 grandchildren.

Her husband has gone on to marry at least two other women. She is still legally married to him, but she has not seen him in 20 years. He lives in another country. Najah lives with her youngest daughter who just got engaged.

Before coming to Green Creations, Najaa didn’t have any work and spent her time memorizing the Qu’ran. Because of her job, she has learned new skills and been exposed to new ideas. Najaa enjoys learning to make beautiful things and she thinks making things from recycled paper is a great idea. Being at the Center has given her the opportunity to get to know some foreigners and learn about some of the differences between foreigners and local people.